November 17

Our own chapter for TGWCF

By: Abbie & Lorelai
Conrad wrote all over his walls and wrote a plan to escape with a secret marker. After that Piper flies into his room and they talked about how they were going to escape. Piper said that she wasn’t going to escape without her other friends, Nalen & Ahmed, Violet, Myrtle, Daisy, Jasper, Smitty, Lilly, & Kimber, Here are all the powers Piper-flies, Conrad- super genius, Nalen & Ahmed- control weather, Violet- shrinks, Myrtle- speedster, Daisy-super strong, Jasper-?, Smitty-x-ray vision, Lilly-telekinesis, & Kimber-electricity.
Piper & Conrad went to go tell them their plan. Piper said “We are going to try & escape and here is me and Conrad’s plan, we are going to crawl through a vent & Kimber goes in first and zaps the lasers, THEN WE ALL GO IN, Then we go out the vent that leads outside the room.” They accidentally opened the vent not knowing that it leads outside then WOOSH!!! Violet falls out of the vent and even worse they were at the very top of the building so Piper uses her flying power to try to catch her, but Piper missed.
Violet went missing, after that they said at the same time “ Where did she go?” Then they got worried but Conrad said “We have to keep going!” Piper started crying. After that Myrtle said “I will carry all of you down the ramped building with my super speed.” After Myrtle carried all of them down they cheered. After they cheered they went on with their escape plan. Nalen & Ahmed used their weather powers & brought down clouds for everyone, then all of a sudden they heard a scream & Nalen & Ahmed were gone.
Then they all turned back then they saw a man and said “do you have a car or a vehicle so we can get home.” Then the old man said “yes get in I will take take you to Piper’s house tell me where to go. Then Agent A. Agent dressed like the old man and they didn’t know. So instead of going to Piper’s house they went to Atrium and took all of them into Dr.Hellions office.

November 13

My Weekend

This weekend I hung out with my cousin savannah. We made slime with glue activator (borax and hot water) we didn’t have any food coloring but we did use foam beads and lotion. Sunday we went to our grandmas house with savannah and her sister Sammy and her mom. Our cousins names are Ariana and damuin and they live close to 7-11 so we walked there and got 2 2 liter sodas and two dounuts. We had so much fun there because we called damuin sally and our grandfather turned off the lights and we pretended that the power went out it was so much fun!

November 8

Tgwcf chapter 12 question

I think Piper and Conrad will be friends. Piper went into the science lab and she wasn’t supposed to because Conrad took her bird. Conrad made the same exact bird and threw the one away that he made. When Piper came back he gave Piper the one that her dad made so they wouldn’t get in any trouble. When Conrad gave the bird back to Piper he was showed her he wasn’t so mean.

November 6

My School Days

First I wake up and get ready for school play around eat breakfast play around some more then I go outside and wait for my bus then I get in the classroom with my awesome teacher  then I pick my seat talk to my friends then watch the announcement say the pledge of a ledgence then we would do read alouds on M,W,F and on T,Th we do rotations then we go to recess then lunch then we do math then go to encore then dismissal and talk to our friends until our wave gets called but we used to just say the bus numbers my waves are 2 and 3 because I have 2 houses and don’t ask any questions about it please.

so that is my school routine!